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Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 20:27:55 -0000

Date: Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:17 pm

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Hi all, I just made #17 on the 3x3x3x3 list! I’m a 29 year old ASIC
engineer at HP in Houston, TX. I enjoyed working on the 4D cube and
that great puzzle about the 23 prisoners!

I solved it by hand using the windows version, and a lot of help from
Nelson’s solution guide. I spent a few hours here and there working
on it
from 6/10/2003 to 6/21/2003. Maybe I’ll take a crack at 5x5x5x5 next
prefer the odd sizes), but it’s just so huge… Probably I’ll never
do it.
I noticed there isn’t a list for 2x2x2x2, maybe I could make #1 for
Hmmmmm, I assume it’s just considered too "easy" for a list. :-)

Allow me to make one little plug for Kung Fu Chess at It’s chess without turns, you can move all
pieces at once, but once a piece moves it has to "recharge" before it
move again. Some chess strategies still apply, but there are new and
interesting tactics possible in this version. If you decide to get
on there
look for me, yoyoma.

Finally, my homepage (with very little content) is

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