Message #62

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Hola :)
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:18:29 -0800

welcome jeff!

it was by intent that the default colors are very unlike the original 3D
puzzle. that’s because we once got a cease-and-desist letter from the IP
lawyers of the patent owner demanding that we take down the site. i
managed to talk them into leaving us alone by changing the name, text,
and other stuff. in their documentation they’d sent me, several pages
related to the particular colors they’d used, so i immediately changed
the colors to be as clearly different from their puzzle as possible but
still creating enough contrast to still be useful. you can very likely
come up with a better set of colors with these restrictions than i did,
and if so, i’ll happily use them. note that an "optimal" scheme would
also take into account differences in monitors as well as the more
common forms of color blindness and also work to avoid problems for that
segment of potential users.

another thing that suddenly occurred to me is that it’d be great if you
upload your color file to the "files" area of the group which may make
it easier for members to use.

thanks jeff,

ibutton77 wrote:

> Hello, I am Jesse Thompson, proud to join your prestigious group :) I
> haven’t solved the cube yet but I’m working on it.
> I promised myself I wouldn’t post anything until I had something to
> contribute, but then I realized I had this small thing I could offer:
> I made a spiffy rgb file *yay* ;)
> 0 0 1
> 1 0 0
> 0 .8 1
> 1 1 1
> 1 1 0
> 1 0 1
> .9 .6 0
> 0 .8 0
> .3 .3 .3
> It should provide a little better contrast than the stock rgb file,
> and with one exception (purple-cyan) it is a plus-yellow tesseract,
> like the origional european rubick’s cubes. :)
> Not to impune the makers of the origional rgb file, but I just
> couldn’t deal with 3 shades or purple and no red anywhere in sight ;)
> Wish me luck on the solving goodness! :)
> - - Jesse