Message #85

From: Timofeev Ivan <>
Subject: Solved, want to comunicate
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 08:48:52 +0800


My name is Ivan.
Thanks Melinda, I’m new member.

This weekend I’ve solved 4D cube using hints.

My story is as follows.
Two weeks ago I surfed web for some special geometric puzzles info.
Fortunately, I found Your MagicCube4D perfect 3d representation.
First, I tried to solve scrambled Cube myself,
but after solution of first cell (3d side) I realized
the obstacles, luck of time and ideas.

I decided to follow Roice Nelson’s principles
and finally I’ve worked off this pretty captivating toy.
Not at all… it is interesting to investigate 4^3 and 3^5 puzzles.

Now I do my best to share MagicCube4D among my colleges and friends.

Best regards,
Ivan Timofeev, PhD in physics,
Russia, Krasnoyarsk,