Message #152

From: liatsecret <>
Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 18:01:50 -0000


I’m really excited joining this interesting group.

My name is Liat (I love when people call me "liati" :)), I’m 24 years
old, and I live in Israel.

I have a B.Sc in math and computers from Tel-Aviv university and I’m
interested mostly in complexity, computational models, information
theory and graph theory (If someone can’t wait any longer to share
some ideas regarding the "P!=NP?" question…)

at the age of about 17, I solved the 3d-cube, not knowing any
algorithm exist. I started to look for more complicated related
games…I played and solved the "octagon", "megaminx" and "4*4*4".
Then I started to be interested in other algorithms and to compare
some of them. I was also interested in the algorithm for solving
3d-cube without looking while playing. I also studied some group
theory and found some good books in that context.

I was really amazed by the 4d-cube application.
It is fantastic.
When I started playing I used only the central cube of each 2d-surface
and the 3d and 4d rotations. starting from trying many many serieses
of moves with symmetry and anti-symmetry, and gatherring all really
complicated moves that has elagants affects, in the spirit of 3d-cube.
I was really excited to see the 3-color-series that was published,
especially the second and third, because I reached the second one
without using the 7 button(much long series), so it realy made things
more easy. I found great tips on the website, and in that in my mind,
I then started to play. all the process took me about 4 days.

mmm….I don’t talk as much as I’m writing :)

Liat Blatman.