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From: Guy <>
Subject: RE: [MC4D] I’m back!
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 20:14:46 +0200

Well done, R! Ironically, hyperspeedcubing seems to be a very time-intensive
activity and I now see I am hopelessly unprepared to take up your challenge.

Does anyone happen to know the maximum ‘God’s algorithm’ move count for a
3^4 (i.e., the maximum number of twists a scrambled cube can be away from
the solution)?



De : [] De la part
de Remigiusz Durka
Envoyé : mardi, 27. septembre 2005 16:28
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Objet : [MC4D] I’m back!

I bring to you new era ;) -> Hyperspeedsolving

During few days (after First Polish Rubik’s Championships) I’ve
returned to 4D cubing.

I did some macros…And see what I have done…

Central crosses =CC
Face crosses =FC
Corners =C

My 3x3x3x3 solves (in order)

MY TIMES on 3x3x3x3 (Including times of stages in last results)

NR TIME (minutes:seconds) CC,FC,C

1 two weeks

  1. 87:13,00
  2. 52:14,66
  3. 46:58,64
  4. 43:36,81
  5. 41:40,07 [CC=4 min] [FC=29 min] [C=9 min]
  6. 32:09,15 [CC=3 min] [FC=24 min] [C=5 min]

Once more with coments

NR TIME Coments

1 two weeks My first solve (without macros)(april 2005)

  1. 87:13,00 2nd but first time I used macros on 3^4
  2. 52:14,66 week ago
  3. 46:58,64 (after having 52:14,66 I start this one so
    2hypercubes in a row ;)
  4. 43:36,81 few days ago (searching way for searching of
  5. 41:40,07 yesterday (I had a headache)
  6. 32:09,15 today (27th October 2005)

I’m improving my system searching pieces…I think it is possible to
me to have time sub-20 min.

Number of moves -> 2300-2500

See You soon




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