Message #215

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: 2x2x2x2x2 (5D cube)
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 18:53:35 +0100

I was thinking on 2^5…This cube is simply 10 x mono colourfull hypercubes 2^4 . Okey ! Not so simply ;D!

to SEE its comlpexity I made some pictures (I know it’s not perfect…but I had to see these 10 hypercubes in one place!:). I did it using paint from windows (I’ve instaled Corel today in which I did some arrows on one of jpegs):

Look on the Photo Area ( there should be some pictures of 2x2x2x2x2). I made also temporary gallery on:

Melinda wrote:

Of course it is not a
> single projection. I could imagine that it could be a view of a possible
> user interface for this monster

It’s exactly what I was thinkig about…(I suppose programing is not the problem but interface…)
(by the way how does the twist is described (in mathematical way) in the program?)

but I don’t think you could generate any smooth twists with it.

You’re right. I tried to imagine single twist …and i must say it’s real SOMETHING ;)

That is, I think that when you perform a twist,
> the resulting state would have colored slices jumping into seemingly
> random positions even when you twist on the middle gray 2^4.

I see it too…The complicated dance around the whole 5D cube… :)

but I haven’t lost my hope because I know…that I can’t even handle 2^4!!! (I can’t see everything…what going on the whole cube after 2 twists, etc) and still I can solve it…I make new algoritms…etc…

Algoritms are the key…You don’t have to handle everything if you have sequence to change 2 pieces…(You just move pieces where you want, make sequence and return them…(You see only a little part of system…and you are not afraid of the compexity of the whole picture)

(5^4 is unbeliveble! to solve, look on number of pieces and how everything is mixing (on surface and inside) but still 3 men managed to solve this…

I think the same will be with 2^5…

I can’t
> even imagine solving a 3D cube unfolded in the same way onto 2D, so a 5D
> cube? Well, I’m not sure anybody could do it.

(there are some who will try…for example ME :P)