Message #222

From: Denny <>
Subject: a long time ago
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 13:49:43 +0200

Hello everyone,

I know, it was quite a time, when I wrote the last time… And it was
also long ago, that I solved the 3^4 cube… But in the last days I had
the feeling I have to do this once more, maybe with the other cubes
(2^4, 4^4,5^4)… I found, that the programm was growing a little bit
since the last version I had… so all cubes are now implemented… I
like this.. But after a few minutes I found a problem… I don’t know
how to move the little cubes in the middle of the big cubes… So for
the 3^4 there was no problem, because one can move the two sides left
and right of it and it looks the same, but in the 4^4 and the 5^4 there
is no possibility to do so, because I can’t reach the 4 (4^4) or 27
(5^4) cubes in the middle of the big cubes… But I remembered, that
there was another way to make a move, but I don’t remember the way
itself… :-( So if anyone of you understand what I mean and knows a
solution for my problem, please help… I know my english is not very
good and I can’t describe the cubes not so good… But I hope, that you
will understand my problem… :-)

Wish you all a nice day and hopefully good solutions in every situation