Message #236

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Workable 3^5 Posted
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 11:16:36 -0500

Hey Guys,

Charlie and I have a fully functioning MC5D puzzle for you now. The
twisting is worked out as I had described and you can now save to a log
file. You can also save all your projection settings, and keep a set of
them if you want to easily switch between different views. There is macro
support, and a number of other new little features and cleanups that make
working with it nicer and more tractable. I’ve listed some specifics on the
website (

I think development will probably slow at this point, but we’ll definitely
keep improving it in the background. We still have a few things from the
previous to do list (incorporating Melinda’s rotation code and stereo
viewing are two that come to mind), and we’d appreciate feedback if you see
anything that could be done better or would like to see something new.

I’ve started doing a solution myself this week and should be able to
complete it relatively soon. I’ll post it and any solutions you guys do on
the site. Getting used to it is a lot like getting used to MC4D for the
first time, and there are some new interesting scenarios to deal with
because of the extra 5th dimension. Overall, I’d say the puzzle is more
tedious though, mostly because of the number of cubies, but also because the
twisting input is more complex. I’ve also had my brain play necker-cube
like tricks on me more than once. It doesn’t happen too much, but stereo
would probably help avoid this. Some things I am personally finding
indispensable are:

(1) Macros
(2) Dimming pieces. This is currently allowed by piece type, but maybe needs
to be allowed by slices in case someone wanted to solve using a
layer-by-layer approach.
(3) Having both buttons and sticker-clicking available for twisting. The
click twisting is nice because it is more intuitive than thinking about axes
labels. Using the buttons is nice because I can twist invisible faces
without having to first make them visible.

I was going to try to post a little blurb soon about the number and types of
pieces in MC5D. I haven’t calculated the number of possible permutations
yet. Anyone want to take a stab? I’d happily post something like what Eric
did for MC4D on the site.

Good luck to any of you who are going to attempt a solution! I was thinking
of calling the MC5D solvers list the "Hall of Insanity" :) What do you