Message #275

From: Sebastian Dumitrescu <>
Subject: Re: 5D solutions
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 11:38:03 -0000

— In, Melinda Green <melinda@…> wrote:
> what were your feelings during the
> process? How do you feel about the user interface? Do you feel that
> gave you all the visualization and manipulation tools that you most
> need? I don’t mean simple stuff like undo/redo, but in the overall
> interaction model it provides. What was the hardest part and how
> that be improved. Tell all!

— In, "Roice Nelson" <roice@…> wrote:
>Did you find the lack of click-twisting support on the
> 2^5 very burdensome?

If I ever try solving the 3^5, then I won’t try using the click-
twisting. For me, it’s much easier to turn the faces by using the
combo because it tells me how the face will turn (for example the X
face is turned on the direction U-Y) which isn’t that obvious when you
click-turn them.

The cube looks very good and it’s not hard to visualise it. But the
feature I like most is that you can turn the faces on/off. I wouldn’t
be able to see anything if all the faces were shown all the time. When
I operate the cube, I have at most 4 faces showing, sometimes even one
face (which is usually -V). When I solved the cube, I started with the
face +X, and when I had that one finished I moved it to +V so that the
unsolved face was in -V.

I would like to have the possibility of "magnifying" the whole cube,
because when I looked at the stickers on the -V face some of them were
really close to each other so they were hard to distinguish. Even if
the +V face gets out of the view, it’s not a problem because I don’t
have it showing anyway.