Message #282

From: David Vanderschel <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Stereo!
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:13:43 -0500

On Thursday, June 15, "Roice Nelson" <> wrote:
>I just uploaded a new MC5D install. There is now a menu with a couple of
>stereo options (cross-eyed/anaglyph), so time to bust out your red/cyan
>comic book glasses if you’ve got some (you can get them online at

I don’t think Rainbow Symphony is a good source. As
far as I can tell, they only sell in bulk. I would
appreciate a pointer to a source for onesies. (The
problem with this sort of product (the cardboard
version) is that it is essentially worthless. You
find such things more often as freebies; but,
unfortunately, that means there is no store where you
can go to buy just one.)

There is another useful technique for presenting
stereo. It is similar to the cross-eyed approach, but
you make one image be a mirror image and you put a
mirror between them for viewing. The surface of the
mirror is positioned perpendicular to viewing surface
and vertically bisecting the line between your eyes.
One eye looks directly at one image, while the other
‘thinks’ it is looking over on the same side, but it
is actually seeing the reflection of the other image.
This is not nearly as difficult to learn as the
cross-eyed technique, because you do not have to cross
your eyes to use it. It feels like both eyes are
locked onto the same image at the expected distance.
It should be straightforward to introduce this option
for a 3D effect as well. (A single well-placed minus
sign should do it!) Besides, I can find a suitable
mirror more easily than anaglyph glasses.

David V.