Message #290

From: Remigiusz Dukra <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] New shortest 5^4 solution
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 13:46:34 +0200

#) Greetings from RemiQ!

"I’m happy to announce that Noel Chalmers has now solved the 5^4 and
posted a new record shortest solution with 4013 twists beating the
previous record by 650 twists. I’m sorry Remi. I know that you have
enjoyed holding the record shortest solutions in 3 of the 4 categories"


)Congratulation Noel!

It’s good time to say that me and Michal Wizner took a bet year ago->

First day of October 2010 there will be my name (Remigiusz Durka)
in cathegory shortest solution 5^4 or I will lose a bottle of fine wine

Nice result! I have some time to get it back! ;-)
I think 3500 is unbreakable in 5^4.

I’m happy that I have something to do in hypersolving ;-)

With this new achievement, Noel has moved through solving the 3^4, 4^4,
and 5^4 all in under a month.

) very nice!

I should note that he is only 17 years old.

) I was 22 and now I’m 23. I’m so old :((((

Hmmm. Michal Wizer is 18 now. Last year he also was 17…
Maybe another cathergory? Age of person who solved his first hypercube.
( I remember when we find out that there are some woman in hall of fame…
It is intresting how old are people from hall of fame ;-)

Again congratulations!
Ps. Noel., try to check your time on 3^4 ;-)

Melinda what about your time? Is there any chances for macros in windows
version during next month?

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