Message #303

Subject: 2x2x2x2x2
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 16:45:22 +0200


I’ ve solved 2^5. It was ridicilously HARD! It’s partly because I made so many mistakes…

Sometimes I even couldn’t believe how I’ve managed with 3^5!!!

Again, when I had more moves than posted solution I gave up so in my solution there’s no efficiency.

With the last pieces I understood some things so… Believe me I had some mixed things in my mind next solve should be: easy and quick. I hope!\

I’m so terrible with 5C pieces…

I used too little macros. (In fnish I made some very nice - not in moves but in effect)

I can’t believe that I spend so much time on this…Next 2^5 will be in a flash ;) I think ;)

Few notes:

-controling is nice (but there should be better way to chage mode "changing view"/"twists" maybe Using SHIFT or clicking and unclicking Caps Lock,

-VIEW… hmmm. I’m mentioned this after 3^5… Default view isn’t very good and it’s scarry for almost everybody. Changing parameters don’t give good result because newcomers don’t know what to look for. There should be 3 defaults views (change parameteres of view and using the same macro you get something DIFFRENT on screen although views are very similiar (Perpective 5D and 4D). It’s really hard to compare situations…

My view is close to that from 4D (

Maybe we all should suggest few views and on forum choose the best… It would really help future users.

Ps. Parameters can give you very strange effects (here are solved cubes )