Message #307

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Macros
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 22:05:39 -0700

Hello Remi!

Thank you very much for testing the macro implementation. I also noticed
that you used it in to achieve your recent shortest 4^4. Excellent!

Regarding your problem saving, Did you select the "Macros->Write Macro
File" or "Macros->Write Macro File As" option after defining them but
before closing the program? Macros are only saved when you explicitly
tell it to. They should automatically load from the last file you
successfully saved or opened but you will need to save them at least
once to get them to automatically reload. If you did try to save them,
did you see any sort of error message in the status area at the bottom
of the window or in the Java console?

Thanks for posting the screenshot of the Linux version. I like your
suggestion for the shift-click; Or perhaps I’ll just do an extra row of
buttons though since that is clear. I’m still not clear how to do the
reverse moves but I’ll fool around with that a little more. Perhaps I
just did something stupid.

I also intend to let users specify a hot-key for each macro so that they
can access all of them from the keyboard and not just the last one.

About the possibility of using fewer reference stickers, I think that
you would need 3 noncolinear stickers to identify a unique reference in
general but perhaps there are special cases where you don’t really need
that. I don’t really know. That is a question for Don or Roice.

-Melinda wrote:
> Hello Melinda!
> Thanks for your time and work on macros.
> I tested program and here are few notes:
> -I can save macros and use them but after closing program I can’t read
> the file…and macros are gone (there is some bug)
> -reverse macro should be done just by clicking on the name macro with
> (for example) SHIFT holded;
> -three reference pieces..hmmm During hyperspeedsolving I noticed that
> I lose a lot time for clicking so I choose 1.First Piece (24),
> 2.Second (27), 3.Third (27). SO there is a question. Are three pieces
> are necessary? Maybe two (but very specific) are just fine? I don’t know
> -for funcionality -> I suggest looking on linux version:
> It’s really good. (Macros on the right/left side. As I say ‘Reverse’
> should be just by clicking on macro name with Shift holded). Panel
> with macros will take a little space.
> I really like idea with using last macro ->(Ctr+A).
> Best regards,
> Remi
> <>