Message #316

From: "ilia.smilga" <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Hi everyone!
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 12:44:17 -0000

> >(BTW : people often call "faces" the elements of a 4D
> >Rubik’s hypercube that you can twist: this is
> >incorrect, because a face is 2D. The proper name for
> >a "3D face" is a "cell"; a face, on a 4D Rubik’s
> >hypercube, is a two-colored tessie)
> In view of the fact that we are talking about
> terminology for a relatively new area of endeavor, I
> think use of words like "incorrect" or "proper" to
> apply to such terminology is not justified. It is a
> matter of convention how old words may be adapted to
> apply in the new context.

Yes, you’re right: I shouldn’t have said it in this way. I only wanted to say that to my mind,
this terminology seemed more logical; I did not mean to offense anyone. Of course, everyone
is free to use the words that they prefer, as long as people understand each other, and I am
not denying that. I apologize for my words.