Message #322

From: dv8_rs <>
Subject: New 4^4 Record
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 08:51:21 -0000

Well I guess I’ll announce this for myself this time.

I’ve just uploaded my revised solution to the 4^4. This solve was 1741
moves, which is 27 moves less than the previous record (not very much
less :p )

I’m glad Remi went back and beat my record, if he hadn’t I don’t think
I would have started with the hypercubes again.

Well, in order to shave off the 150 moves from my last solution I had
to go back and revise my method a little. A few experiments later, I
found a way. Something interesting to note is that I no longer use
most of Roice’s sequences. In fact, the only sequences I used were the
3-colour edge flip and the 4-colour corner shuffle(twice). With these
changes, I fairly confident that I can consistently solve the 3^4 in
450-500 moves.
I’m thinking, if I have time in university, that I will write an
in-depth description of my (the Noel Chalmers) method so it can be
posted on the site, but that’s for later.

I’m sure this record won’t stand for very long, so once someone beats
it I’ll return to the hypercubes to face to challenge.

Talk to you all later!

Noel Chalmers