Message #329

From: dv8_rs <>
Subject: 5^4 Record
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 23:36:57 -0000

Hey there again,

I just finnished altering my 5^4 solution with my new method. I didn’t
reduce the record by as much as I thought. However, it is important to
note that these solutions are completed in one shot, meaning I don’t
spend any time being really careful with these solutions and I
certainly don’t do multiple sequences/solves to see which one is the
shortests. All of the solutions I submit were just me sitting down and
solving the hypercubes again, but using some new ideas.

In response to your question, Melinda, about not using macros in my
solution, the reason is that a macro is completly useless in my
method. Every move is simply a logical step to complete small parts of
the cube, bit by bit. Though you could say I use sequences, they are
certainly never used in the same way twice. The only sequences you may
recognize in this new solution to the 5^4 are the second 3-colour
sequence and the third 3-colour sequence (both of which I used only once).


Noel Chalmers