Message #343

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Some bugs
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 14:19:51 +0200

During solving for competition I notice one thing:

Macros on 2^4 has serious BUG!!! which is very annoying and driving me crazy:

Then you are doing macro everything looks fine (I can performe macro wherever I want - it’s depending only from 3 ref. stickers) but only to the first closing the program…

Reference stickers (atfer closing program) change or it’s better to say that macro is changed…

I’m clicking 3 reference stickers and I get algorithm but the effect is in totally difrrent place!

Basicly it considers macros with clicking CTR+face… But not only…

SOmetimes it looks like the macros are in 5D style (you can do them only in one place so you must change the cube orientation) (SO I’m using a lot of (CLick+1+2) moves (which are not counted… BUT AT THE END DRIVES ME REALLY CRAZY because every time I must Learn the orientation of whole cube)

Macros should be done everywhere and depending on 3 reference stickers!

(now they are depending from posistion of cube (current position when you are doing macro) and stickeres in very mixed way… )

Ok, to conclude:

Making macro should be done in absolute corespondence to the 3 ref. stickers (NOT the actual orientation of the whole cube during making the macro or present oreintation - yeah it’s also serious complication)

I think the problem is in redefining the reference stickers.

Check this: Use this macro on the new opened cube… Next just dragg the cube to the diffrent reoorientation and aply macro again… it will be in diferent place…

@4C@(4 14 4 14 4 14) 416:-1 022 510 622 622 516 622 510 622 516
04 510 622 210 64 516 622 216 410:-1.

I don’t have to tell that when I was doing this macro the original place of this mixed sticers was different…

I tried to use other combination of ref. stickers (on one face, on different faces) but it is no use…

Best regards,

Ps. It would be nice if I could make macro from others macros…

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