Message #357

From: Jesse Thompson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Announcing version 3.2
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2007 04:34:40 -0800

Greetings Melinda, fellow hypercubists.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I just wanted to say I’ve had a
chance to try the newest Java version of the game, and it is a thing of
beauty. :)

The one nit pick I might have would be for our 5^4 friends. It seems when I
select a 5^4 puzzle the view is no longer centered? Is it just me?

Also I enjoy how this version is capable of doing simple scrambles that
include third and fourth order cubie rotations. It is good for me to
practice visualizing those! I thought I was some kind of brainwave just for
getting my mind around a second order rotation with a slice command. ;)

Now maybe armed with Macros .. and with a version too savvy to be thrown out
of sync by rapid multiple undos .. I’ll be able to solve one of these bad
boys. :)

Thanks again for your tireless efforts!

On 11/15/06, Melinda Green <> wrote:
> Dear Cubists,
> This is to let you know that version 3.2 is now available for download.
> The major change is that the UI now includes a macro control panel
> similar to the Linux version. It includes buttons for applying each
> macro in the forward and reversed directions along with management
> controls for reordering, renaming, and deleting macros. It also moves
> the preferences editor into a tab behind the macros controls for ease of
> use and includes an application icon and other small improvements and
> fixes.
> I am very excited about this release because it embodies all of the main
> goals that we have had for so long in a single cross-platform
> implementation. Please try it out and send your problems and suggestions
> either to the group or directly to me; whichever you feel is more
> appropriate.
> Enjoy!
> -Melinda