Message #375

From: Remmigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] 5D 2x2x2x2x2
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 22:44:35 +0100


Of course best simulator of 2^5 is MC5D!!!

For the 2^5, you can only do twists with the buttons since there are no
2-colored pieces.

Choose in the right down corner instead "All (View Rotation)" some ‘face" -
lets say "+X or +V" and next you can use only buttons corresponding with
aviable rotation your face.

BTW: Roice? You have no word about twisting on 2^5 on your page with 5D
cube… It’s confusing for newcomers (who didn’t read 4D_Cubing forum).

One more thing:

In case of 3D:

Solving corners on 3x3x3 is NOT solving 2x2x2!!! Middle slices are "helpful"
in many cases/algorithms. Solving without this extra degrees freedom makes
it all tight. ( Want to try? 3D
cubes from 2^3 to 20^3)

It’s the same with higher dimensions…

Solving only "corners" on higher dimensional cubes it’s easier (than only
2^N) because you see centres and you are building the rest of cube on/around
them, so you always have good orientation point (background).

Best regards,


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