Message #390

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Shortests
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 14:34:48 +0200


It’s been a while when I was breaking any records. I’ve come back with shortest in 4x4x4x4. Standard Roice solution. Stage by stage: centers, putting 2C in pairs, next putting pieces on good places, next 3C (putting in pairs and on good spot at the same time) and 4C.

I’ve needed:

87 twists for (1C)
413 twists for (2C)
446 twists for (3C)
184 twists for (4C)

TOTAL: 1130

I think there is still some potential with 4C and 3C (I should use 4 twists insted 8, just like Roice in his shortest 3^4). Maybe I will come back to this log soon and change it :-)

Btw. I’ve gathered some data from the web page and from yahoo group. (Exept 3^4 it’s showing exactly history of the shortest). History of 3^4 it’s incomplete. It was before I came so you have better knowledge about it. Please correct this adding some results. (I also added my result from month ago -> 512). Melinda mentioned adding dates to this results. I think It could be added to the superliminal page as the subpage concenrning development:

History of the Shortests:

Shortest 2x2x2x2:

588 Jay
136 RemiQ
128 Noel
120 RemiQ
107 Kate
106 RemiQ
103 Kate
102 RemiQ
96 Kate
82 RemiQ

Shortest 3x3x3x3:

512 RemiQ
495 Roice
467 Mat Young
334 Roice

Shortest 4x4x4x4:

2581 Roice
2196 RemiQ
1862 Noel
1768 RemiQ
1712 Noel
1130 RemiQ

Shortest 5x5x5x5:

8481 Eric
4663 RemiQ
4013 Noel
3413 Noel
3271 Noel

I know that it would be extra work for holding on the page for example five shortest entries for every cube but I would be cool for newcomers who also want to do something and get their names in hall of fame. They have to deal with the last result which is really hard to beat (Damn 334 twists in 3x3x3x3 :-) or checkboards which are probably physical limit.

Of course we have to choose if we want to show history or just best achivements each person (for example in 5^4 there is history of the shortest but during this history there was entries with 7000 twists after mine 4663… I would like to have both. Ok, I’m opened for discussion…

All the best,