Message #401

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Shortest 3^4 (don’t worry I haven’t broken the record :-)
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 20:32:21 +0200


Last time I’ve tried to do a little summary of history of the shortest concerning all cubes. In case of 3^4 I had big problems with geting the appopriate data. Rest of them is really accurate. In case 3^4 I’ve only knew my result and three others (from mailing group).

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Andras Ecseki. He pointed that his 3x3x3x3 solution had 490 twists and it’s from the year 2004. I saw his log and he used the Layer by Layer (LBL) method.

Does anybody has similiar results?

Maybe you Roice tell more about shortest in 3^4, I saw that you competed with Mat Young… I’ve read your post about your record 334 and I learnt these two lovely series. Second one (4C Serie) I’ve used in my last 4^4 solution :). I can’t wait trying 3^4 :P (I had few new thoughts , expecially afer analysys of Andras log).

What about others? Can you melinda recall any exremely short solutions? (there is only 65 entries on hall of fame :-) If you have all of them archived I can look it and check it :-)

Hear you soon,