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From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] New shortest 3x3x3x3 = 333
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 19:52:11 -0500

I’ve been talking with Remi some off the group list, but let me
take the chance to congratulate him here too. Great job! The writeup was
very entertaining and I especially liked the cliff hanger last night ;) I
will of course have to attempt to reclaim the crown, but Remi, I think
you’ll be safe for a while!

I thought I’d mention one small thing regarding something you wrote near the
end. In doing my last solution, I did try to place as many 3C colors at
once as I could (not just one with each sequence). There seems to be a
balancing point though, because this approach can start turning into the
situation where preliminary moves alone require so much complexity that they
exceed the length of just using extra main sequences.

Anyway, congrats again Remi!


On 8/25/07, Remigiusz Durka <> wrote:
> *Continuation…*
> I’ve decided to do everything in classic way but using:
> *4 Move Edge (3C) Sequence:*
> Top 6 Left
> Front 5 Left
> Top 6 Right
> Front 6 Right
> *8 Move Corner (4C) Sequence (with fliping two 3C pieces):
> *
> Top 4 Left
> Left 15 Left
> Top 4 Right
> Right 4 Right
> Top 4 Left
> Left 15 Right
> Top 4 Right
> Right 4 Left
> I’ve used scrable which was used by Roice and Matt.
> From Roice’s log I learnt that he (R.N.) finished:
> -2C having 48 twists on his twist counter
> -3C having 196 twist on his counter (so he used 148 twists)
> -4C having 334 twists
> Now the really funny thing!
> I’ve managed to do:
> -2C in 47
> -3C in 149
> So at point 196 twists I had the same situation like Roice! (Oh, In my
> solution I had some 3C pieces with were fliped but it’s no important because
> during 4C serie there are 3C flips but there is no 3C pieces movement).
> We both even had (at this point) *1 correct 4C piece* (I don’t know if the
> one Roice had was lucky, mine wasn’t, I carefully rotated this pieces during
> II 3C serie which I’ve needed for last three 3C pieces). Nevertheless I got
> *350 result!* It was better than last time but still about 16 twists to
> much. (3:0 for the Roice).
> I was desperated and stubborn (look into attached screen or one of the
> link below):
> One thing corresponding to the last discussion -> I had to use m$ paint to
> plan the situation (because invisibility of the 8th face). Paint was really
> helpful !!! No, I couldn’t use (Ctr+click) to look. From time to time I was
> moving log backward (just checking) and I couldn’t use Ctr or anything more
> to see which sticker is invisible because I would change the log. Maybe the
> should be somekindof highlighting hypersticers showing which color is on the
> sticer belonging to 8th face??? Puting cursor on it and somekind of info
> which sticker is hidden?
> Yesterday I sat down on the cracking the record again. I end up with *2
> corners Fliped!* and one 3C piece rotated… (I had 334 twists on my
> counter :|). I’ve returned a little bit and -> I got my cube solved in *339
> twists* :|. Only 5 twists! I’ve returned even more back and made rotation
> 3C piece somewhere during solution (using III 3C Serie). It took me some
> time to plan everything and I got… *335*… One more to go.
> I started checking log again: *twist by twist* trying to find some
> preliminary moves which can be done shorter. I found 2 twist which could be
> changed into one!!! It meant 334 twists for me. Yeah! At this point
> something strange happend, becuse I couldn’t delete these two entries and
> put one… The cube was at the end really mixed. I was laughing that
> probably there is somekinde profecy which tells that there will be End of
> the World when someone breaks Roice’s record. I tried and tried. And I
> couldn’t change IN LOG these two moves into single one ! It was just like
> everythin was fighting against me trying to crack this record. I’ve needed a
> break…
> After some time I gave another try. And *I did it*… But still *I wanted
> to break* the record!
> I’ve found another twist which could be shave. I’ve chaged this in log…
> but *I couldn’t SAVE it!!!* "What the hell?" - I’ve though and I suddenly
> realise -> it’s 333 twists = *666/*2 <lol>
> Still don’t know what was going on. I had to do this one more time, becuse
> there was something wrong with the program so I had to shut it down…
> Finally I got it! *333 solution…* I didn’t believe that it can be done.
> 334 twists was really scary to even start dealing with this in first
> place….
> Ufffffffffffff…
> There is something strange with *so close correlation* of ours solution if
> we look at *complexity* of 3x3x3x3. All phases were almost equal. +/- 1.
> At the end *we used the same amount* of twists for 4C and 3C pieces! and
> the only difference was with *one twist less* in my 2C phase! I think it
> means that we were close to the physical limit of the method concerning
> doing one kind of pieces by another… Damn close… It’s really hard to
> think about making drasticlly something better with our solutions.
> Everything which will be less it would be *only!* because of the… *luck.
> *
> **
> Many times I was wondering should I do preliminary moves for the 3C Serie,
> containing 4 moves, trying to put for example 4 pieces? Or just apply 4
> twist macro for the one single pieces.
> I was doing preliminary moves (but really suffisticeted and efficient) and
> Roice (as I could tell) was doing clean use of his 4twist Serie puting one
> piece each time. I was trying to minimalize all losts and I was balancing on
> the edge of my abillities… My macros were pretty short: 4 twists, 8
> twists, and one time… I’ve used 14 :)
> ——————
> Melind wrote:
> Congratulations Remi!
> That’s a lot of 3’s!! I don’t think I ever expected to see anyone crack
> Roice’s shortest 3^4. If you had waited just 4 more days his record
> would have lasted exactly 3 years! And you even used macros!! Roice has
> not been very active on the mailing list for a while but I remember how
> firmly retook the shortest record back every time anyone broke his so I
> wouldn’t be surprised to see him do that again. I think that he feels
> that this prize belongs to him. I expect him to turn in a sub-300
> solution before we’re finished. We shall see.
> I’ve now recorded Remi’s new record. Let the battle of the big brains
> begin!
> -Melinda
> ——————
> Again from my side: *FULL RESPECT for you ROICE.* I still remeber that you
> did your result without any pressure!
> Take care Roice and good luck,
> Remigiusz D.
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> Wygraj depilator, prostownice do wlasow lub mikser
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