Message #429

From: Jesse Thompson <>
Subject: Q about 4^3 instead of 3^4
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 03:29:41 -0700

Yep, back here in terestrial land I just bought me up a Rubik’s Revenge. ;)

Does anyone know if there is a solution guide for this somewhere online, for
the plus yellow coloring? All the solution guides I can find are for
white/blue coloring. While I know the concepts would still work I need me
some illustrations to understand what they are on about and without the
solid signposts of accurate color I’m pretty lost.

Before I bust out photoshop and start color replacing someone’s
illustrations, I’m just wondering if such a thing already exists. ;)

It is embarrasing to be able to solve a greater percentage of a 3^4 cube
(~80%) than a 4^3 (45%) :P

Thanks ;]