Message #459

From: phi1p6180 <>
Subject: Introduction
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 23:04:07 -0000

Hello, I solved the 3x3x3x3 a few days ago and after turning in my log
file Melinda asked me to introduce myself here.

My name is Oscar Lazo, and I live in Mexico. I study phisics and what
I most like is listening to some good music (although I rarely do).

I solved the cube using Roice’s solution, and I must say it would have
been hard for me to solve it on my own, It was a 1053 move solution
and although Melinda said it was a rather short solution I still it
find a long way from the sub 300 record. I didn’t use any macros since
I couldn’t make them anyway (I find programing rather difficult).

I came across this puzzle from the wikipedia article on rubriks cube
and I said to myself I have to make this. It took me about a full week
of work during my vacations.

Spanish is my native language, and I find the lack of spanish guidance
for this cube shameful, so I have written a guide in spanish with
Roice’s solution which I would like to post in a blog. I currently
have none but I would like to know if it’s okay with Roice that I do
that of course giving all the deserved credit to him.

Also I noticed that in superliminal’s page, in the link section,
somebody made (Melinda perhaps) the comment on what the words "qué
mareo" meant, well they mean something like "what a dizziness" or
"this makes me dizzy" :) uderstandable enough. So speaking of spanish
I wonder if any people here speaks it.