Message #490

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Magic120Cell Realized
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 21:14:06 -0500

The 4D analog of Megaminx is here! This has been a work in progress for
some time really (the basics were done in 2006), but it is now evolved
enough for you crazy solvers to have at it! I like playing with it and it
will be fun to figure out sequences, but I’m not imagining I’ll try a
solution myself. I do hope some of you will take it on, and that getting it
out now is good timing with the summer break for students and all. I’m
really pleased with how it is turning out, and have screenshots at the site
to check out if you don’t feel like installing…

You’ll see that I made some easier (or should I say just slightly less
ludicrous) puzzles which are only different in that they have multiple cells
set to the same color. These accentuate some of the 120cell symmetries and
could be more enjoyable simply because there are not so many colors to deal
with. The biggest feat is of course the full puzzle with 120 different
colored cells, but all of them are hard and I will post the name of anyone
who solves any of the puzzles in a Hall of Insanity.

I admit straight away there are still features that would be nice to have at
some point, and I do have my own wish list. Though I make no guarantees
when or if I can add stuff, please feel free to make suggestions or requests
you would find valuable. Bug reports will also be appreciated.

I hope you all really enjoy it. Good Luck!


P.S. This is what I alluded to this morning. I haven’t figured it out
exactly yet and may not be able to, but a quick estimate shows it to have
well over 10^15000 (that’s right, 10^15K) permutations!