Message #497

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Magic120Cell Realized
Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 08:20:55 -0500

Thanks for the great feedback! I like these ideas and they all should be
quick changes, so I should be able to address each one. To answer the
questions you posed:

Interesting about the clipping plane troubles. I feel like I really have to
zoom way in to clip that cell, but I will definitely try to improve that.

Thanks again!


2008/5/5 Melinda Green <>:

> The full scramble is certainly terrifying to behold. OTOH, a scramble
> with only 5 random twists didn’t look at all hard. Easier in many ways
> to the 3^4 since the odds of two random twists interacting with each
> other are much smaller as the number of faces grows. I’ve even attached
> my own solution file! I was actually surprised that any of the random
> twists of my 5 scramble interacted at all. Did you try to ensure this
> would happen? That would seem like a good idea. Was it supposed to beep
> or something when I reached the solved state? I didn’t notice anything.
> Just like with MC4D I find the challenge of backing out a small number
> of random twists to be an educational challenge. Fun and satisfying too.
> Here are some suggestions after my short time with the puzzle.
> * Allow users to supply the number of random twists. Scramble->Custom
> perhaps?
> * Detect when a user’s click is the exact inverse of their previous one
> and substitute an undo instead.
> * Create the ability to move the front clipping plane in. I’m often
> operating on a zoomed-in view of the central cell and often fight to get
> clear views of it.
> * I agree with Jenelle that the ghost piece highlighting is a cool
> effect. Maybe you could use that effect for as long as ctrl-shift is
> held down? That way there would be no need to cancel it.
> * How about a method of doing the inverse? I.E. for any selected
> sticker, highlight the one that belongs in its place.
> * Add Help->About with your name, copyright, version number?
> Lastly, where did you get your colors from for the full puzzle? It looks
> fantastic!
> -Melinda
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