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From: corkle0 <>
Subject: Re: Magic120Cell Realized
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 02:19:59 -0000

Hello Roice,

I really think this is an amazing program and I will definitely
attempt to solve it, but for me, looking at 120 different colors is
just too confusing, so I thought it might be easier if each color had
a number or some type of distinguishing pattern it so there wouldn’t
be so much confusion between the colors. Also, on the MagicCube5D, I
really liked the piece finder, and I think it would make the 120 Cell
much easier if there were a piece finder in it. Just a couple
suggestions, but great job creating such an awesome puzzle!

— In, "Roice Nelson" <roice3@…> wrote:
> The 4D analog of Megaminx is here! This has been a work in progress for
> some time really (the basics were done in 2006), but it is now evolved
> enough for you crazy solvers to have at it! I like playing with it
and it
> will be fun to figure out sequences, but I’m not imagining I’ll try a
> solution myself. I do hope some of you will take it on, and that
getting it
> out now is good timing with the summer break for students and all. I’m
> really pleased with how it is turning out, and have screenshots at
the site
> to check out if you don’t feel like installing…
> You’ll see that I made some easier (or should I say just slightly less
> ludicrous) puzzles which are only different in that they have
multiple cells
> set to the same color. These accentuate some of the 120cell
symmetries and
> could be more enjoyable simply because there are not so many colors
to deal
> with. The biggest feat is of course the full puzzle with 120 different
> colored cells, but all of them are hard and I will post the name of
> who solves any of the puzzles in a Hall of Insanity.
> I admit straight away there are still features that would be nice to
have at
> some point, and I do have my own wish list. Though I make no guarantees
> when or if I can add stuff, please feel free to make suggestions or
> you would find valuable. Bug reports will also be appreciated.
> I hope you all really enjoy it. Good Luck!
> Roice
> P.S. This is what I alluded to this morning. I haven’t figured it out
> exactly yet and may not be able to, but a quick estimate shows it to
> well over 10^15000 (that’s right, 10^15K) permutations!