Message #608

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: Noel’s Solution on YouTube
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 00:19:24 -0800

What a lovely holiday present, Roice! The frame skipping works
surprisingly well. I hope you get a lot of appreciative comments. You
might want to add some more tags and a longer description that includes
appropriate links. See the "more info" link for this megaminx record
video <> for some ideas.

I can sense Noel’s unseen hand moving masterfully over the puzzle. I
love the slow rotation which gives a great 3D effect without being
distracting. I’m a bit surprised that there are no rotation moves. Did
you skip those, or does your log format skip them, or did Noel really
just not perform any rotations? In some ways it’s nice to see the
solution without rotations, but in other ways I think it might be even
more apparent that a human was solving it if the rotations were shown.

I’ve updated the main MC4D web page with the news of Noel’s solution and
a link to the video. Someone should also update the Wikipedia page
that says it’s still unsolved.

Great stuff, guys!

Roice Nelson wrote:
> A compression version anyway (1 of every 10 actual moves are shown at
> 30 fps).
> <>
> I recommend watching in high quality if your computer/bandwidth can
> handle it (the link I provided is for a higher quality version). If
> you’d like to download the even higher resolution version (800x600) I
> initially uploaded to YouTube, here is another link. But to warn, it
> is 35 MB…
> I hope you enjoy :)
> happy holidays everybody!
> Roice