Message #628

From: rev_16_4 <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Magic Cube 6^5 Solved
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2009 07:34:13 -0000

Thanks Melinda!

I consider your congrats and a shout-out on the MC4D main page an
honor. To you and anyone else in the hall of fame, you’re 1 out of


— In, Melinda Green <melinda@…> wrote:
> Let me be the latest person to congratulate you on your stupendous
> accomplishment! Long ago I predicted that it would be a very long
> if ever, until someone posts a *second* solution to the 5^5. I
> imagined that anyone would solve still larger puzzles. Certainly
> offer a chance to grab an impressive "first" solution. I expect
that was
> a big reason that you tackled the 6^5. I still think it will be a
> time, if ever, before anyone posts a second solution to either of
> monsters. I’ve added a special notice of your breakthrough solution
> the main MC4D page.
> A couple of unrelated notes about the web site:
> * I turned the FAQ <> into a
> proper web format and added a description of the slice masks.
> * I added a short page on using macros
> <> in MC4D, and
> * I removed the references to the old 2.x source and binaries for
> Windows and Linux.
> We haven’t done any work on those older versions, and now that the
> Java 3.x versions support macros, there’s probably very little
value in
> maintaining the older, platform specific versions. If anyone here
> still using those versions and they contain any features you need
> are not in the Java version, please let me know and I’ll put them
at the
> top of the list of things to add to the Java version when I next
get a
> chance to work on it.
> Congratulations again Levi on your amazing Tour de Force. I’m
> continually amazed with you guys. I’m still very proud of my small
> solution but I feel so small next to such giants!
> -melinda