Message #642

From: rev_16_4 <>
Subject: Re: a short diversion into sticker and cubie counts
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 04:23:18 -0000

> I prefer m^n. The "nth dimension" is too well
> ingrained in me. I, too, often wish to say
> "n-dimensional". I also would tend to say something
> like, "an order-5 4-puzzle", to imply 5^4.
> Regards,
> David V.

Order-m n-puzzle, I’ve been trying to think of that terminology for a
while. Thank you! That’ll simplify most of my posts in the future! I
think I prefer order-m n-cube, but n-puzzle is a little more
descriptive. However, I think with the existence of the magic 120-cell,
which is a 4-puzzle, we shouldn’t assume the puzzle is an n-cube.