Message #654

From: David Smith <>
Subject: Upper bound for Magic120Cell has been proven exact!
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 02:28:27 -0000

Hello All,

Thanks to the efforts of Roice and Mr. Matt Galla, all of the algorithms
prove the upper bound I found for Magic120Cell to be exact have been
found! I had nothing to do with the discoveries. Roice had earlier
the permutation algorithms required, and now Matt Galla has found the
orientation algorithms necessary. Mr. Galla contacted Roice with the
algorithms, and is hoping to be the second person to solve Magic120Cell,
having already completed over half of the puzzle. I hope we will be
more from him in the future.

I will definitely update the Magic120Cell paper when I get the time
with this update. I have been quite busy with school and some other
things lately, but I will try to fit it in, along with my n^4 paper. I
begun work on the latter, but it will be much longer than the

My thanks again goes to Matt and Roice for their contributions!

All the best,