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From: "" <>
Subject: Computer puzzles that arrange color blocks to form patterns - download
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 13:10:10 -0400


 I have never been in a group such as this before.  I have spent two years of my spare time writing some puzzles which arrange color blocks to form patterns.  Sound familiar?  I am exited that I may have found some people that share my interests in this.  

 Believe it or not, I have been talking about 4D puzzles for quite some time, before I heard that they existed.  I read that some young genius created an imaginary number system, quite a while back.  I believe that with such a system I could make 4D graphics and then make a puzzle.  When I have more time I am going to look into this.

I have a subsite of my site that has a download of one of my puzzles.  I would be interested in how difficult you think this puzzle is.  I have given it to about 30 people or so and only two have told me they solved it.  This is one of my simpler puzzles.

Goto my subsite

Thank you, for trying my puzzle, happy puzzling…

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