Message #690

From: Colin <>
Subject: My new puzzles
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 03:18:39 -0000


 I joined the group a while back and had a few puzzles.  A fellow programmer of more experience than myself (Igor) gave me some helpful hints on how to improve my puzzles.

 Well, I am back with three similiar looking puzzles with different solutions.  These puzzles are animated and you can save puzzles and be rated for the scoreboard by your playtime.  I consider them of an intermediate level.

 You are welcome to download my puzzles from my website - .  You may or may not make a voluntary donation.  I would ask that you make a comment on the forum &quot;What do you think of those puzzles?&quot;.

 I would be interested in what some real puzzlers think of my puzzles.  To be honest, I have only solved two opposite sides of Rubik's Cube.  I have not attempted anything else.  My memory span is not what it used to be.  I cannot think that far ahead.

 I just got my website up a few days ago.  I would appreciate any comments and advice you can give me.  I have decided to program my two online puzzles in Visual Basic with animation and make them downloads.  I think I want to make more less complicated puzzles for everyone to have a chance in solving.