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From: "" <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: 3^4 parity problems
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 23:48:09 +0200

Dear Melinda,

With new version of MagicCube4D with different steering on 2^4 you
should post a scramble which will be base for shortest solution for
everybody. I think it will be easy to beat present shortest record on
2^4. You can even make it as a competition due to new version première :)

I must argue with seeing solving "corners" on 3^4 as 2^4 cube solve.
There are different methods to solve this two cubes. Some alg’s concerns
middle layers. Solving stage 4C (after previous solving 2C and 3C
stages) on 3^4 has nothing to do with solving 2^4 cube due to avoiding
messing with solved pieces. (I think such try of using corners 3^4 as
the 2^4 solve will be visible due to mixing 3C pieces)

When it comes to Hyperspeedsolving I vote for:

->2^4 competition without macros
->3^4 with macros (No reasonable solve time without macros on 3^4 ->
1,5h is too much)

I was starting with 20 macros and at my best days I could reach time
18min 27sec. Sending solution will take at best around 15-30 seconds if
mail or communicator will be prepared, but still we won’t get actual
time of solve. Interior timer is a nice idea. It’s hard to decide what
to do with time during performing twists from macro: I always needed to
see what was going on the cube, so I’ve never used no-time macro.
Switching positions of colours makes my eyes (and brain) hurt:P

Different scenarios (there is no sense to treat solving cube with or
without macros or even from different scenarios below, there are just
different types of competition with different strategies, just like one
hand, classic 3x3, etc) :

a) everybody can have, lets say, 10 macros prepared before start; after
start one can build new macros (or not)

b) after start competitor should build set of macros from scratch and
it’s up to him/her how many macros will be build (building macros
consumes competition time)

That’s all. Good night for everybody. Hyper dreams,

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