Message #722

From: "" <>
Subject: new dimension of MagicCube4D
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 15:33:20 +0200

Program is great! Damn! It’s brilliant! Thank you for a lot of
entertainment (in the past, now and in the future!)

  1. I suggest changing RightMouseButton and dragging for changing scale
    view insted 4D point of view (really please about this feature)
  2. Option of colouring faces needed.
  3. I’ve tried to make macro using in "making time" another macro but I
  4. Is there way to open old logs and macros? (I see new style of
    notation inside of log)
  5. I don’t think that simplex-2 should be on an

Which puzzles will have Hall of Fame? (for example simplex-2 seems to
simple to compete with 2^4, not mentioning rest of "miracle" puzzles :)

Great job Melinda, Don and Roice, Jay!

Solving is one thing but… Creating working and consistent things like
your puzzles is amazing!

All the best,
Remigiusz D.

Ps. I’ve already solved simplex-2 and simplex-3 :) that was nice fun!

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