Message #734

From: "" <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D]
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 22:02:47 +0100


Congratulation Mateusz and Klauss for results on Wiki/Records. Nice
results you have. It will be hard to beat them (I did the same score as
Klaus with simplex-2).

1) Can I propose adding new table on wiki when it comes to puzzles
starting from 3 pieces on edge. It will be list of people who have
solved the puzzle. Now it’s easy to make this change because we don’t
have many cubers in this cathegory. Simplex-3 has well known and
appreciated 3D version - the Pyramid. Pyramid category is on every
championships in Rubik. For sure I ‘ll add shortest list of Simplex-3
on my Hall of Shortest. And I know many people who will try to solve
4D version of this "classic" cube.

2) I’ve added suggestions to tracker list

-mc4d.props away from Desktop (for example make this file associated
with program MC4D location)
-make dedicated icon of the program (can it be something else than
default jar icon?)

3) Oh, and in my mail to Melinda I’ve pointed that all DualPrisms in
smallest version are unsolvable due to lack all movements (the things is
that you can’t change "by clicking" two central pieces in centres of the
pentagonal prisms but scrambler does that kind of twists). Now
"creators" are having debate how to solve this problem.

Best regards,

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