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From: "" <>
Subject: Re: 2^4 new shortest (in old program) and simplex-2
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 12:30:39 +0100

Damn it! After sending you previous message to Melinda I suddenly felt
an urge to open simplex-2 because something was telling me that I’ll be
lucky this time (to find scramble with one twist to solve). I was trying
couple of times last week and I must say, I spend too much time clicking
scramble on this puzzle… I think I’ve generated about thousand of
them. Don’t judge me :) This small record was breaking symmetry of my
solutions <roftl> But today… I don’t know. I was sure I will be
lucky… and in second scramble I was! Damn it!

> ——————————————————————————–
> Melinda wrote:
> At that time, Remi was dominating the leaderboard for a long time. He
> still holds a bunch of checkerboard records but is down to only one
> shortest full solve. And then before him, Noel Chalmers was king of
> the hill for a while but now all of his shortest records have been
> bested. I find it interesting how history repeats itself in new
> situations.
> ——————————————————————————–
> Hi!
> Noel Chalmers was afer me :) But nevermind. I’m sending my new
> solution of 2^4 (made in old program with restricted twists :P) - and
> it is shorter only by … one twist from previous shortest record. For
> sure I will try make shortest in new program but in next month.
> Therefore list of my shortest extended to : 2^4 (old version), 4^4,
> simplex-3, simplex-4, and Pentagonal Duoprism-2 :D!
> Take care,
> Remi

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