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Subject: Re: [MC4D] I’d love to see a cubing tournament -> Me too!
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 23:57:11 +0100

In Poland there are 4-5 major events in speedcubing per year:
Few month ago I was on one of that events (I think it was my 5th time),
and with result around 26 sec I was 44th from 45 competitors :P ( I
mostly helped with organisation and was a judge). It is always great fun
and great people there (we have many World/European Champions, World
Record holders).

Some time ago there was article about Polish champions in rubik’s
competitions (it is in Polish but
videos speaks for themselves). My contribute into 4D Rubik cubes was
also mentioned :)

Then is comes to Hypercubing contest you can count on me and Mateusz
Burnicki (I’ve spread the words on Polish Speedcubing Forum so mayby
there will be more response).

Some suggestion how to make the contest:

I also haven’t practised: It will be hard to repeat my old results
around 20 minutes( with macros). One month time it’s good idea :)

All the best,

Melinda Green pisze:
> This video
> <>
> makes me want to watch the action in person, and especially to attend
> their parties. They make one of the nerdliest activities actually look
> cool. Perhaps there is hope for us yet! I’m also ready to run a
> speed-solving contest for the 2^4 or 3^4 if three or more of you
> commit to participating. For the newer list members, you should know
> that Remi is very fast and so if anyone wants, I’m willing to schedule
> such an event for a month or two from now so that you can practice
> your hyper speed-solving methods. Just let me know and I’ll let you
> know if we get a quorum.
> -Melinda

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