Message #867

From: andreyastrelin <>
Subject: Re: Fractal cubes
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 20:48:39 -0000

Hi guys,
I’m new to this very interesting group. Last couple of days I tried to follow the discussion, but maybe I’ve missed something, so I may say something that is already known.
As for this fractal puzzle, first thing is that you need stickers of the external surface of any 3x3x3 block. Some of stickers will be "very deep inside" the original model, but they will be visible after the first turn - when we rotate 3x3x1 slice of the corner block, we’ll see some deepinside stickers if they’ll not go back inside because of rotation of 9x9x3 block and 27x27x9 block (but in that case other "deep inside" stickers will go back to the surface).
For the start we may paint every block in 6 colors (all in the same orientation). So it will be like solving of 20 (or 400) void cubes by the same sequence of operations, but some of these cubes will change their orientation after each move, so pictures on the blocks will be different even after the second twist.
It may be possible that in the solved puzzle some of 3x3x3 blocks will be not in their original positions. But it should not be a problem: puzzle (even level 2 - of 20 blocks) seems to be very difficult.