Message #886

From: Andrey <>
Subject: Re: 5^4 - 1981 twists!
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 12:34:33 -0000

Don’t worry, I have no plans for 3^4 in the month or two. Now I’m working on 4^4 (no record-breaking, just for fun and for the line in the list. But without macros and without pen and paper :D) Then maybe I’ll go for {3,3,3}s or duoprismes, or something more simple like 120-cell… One day I’ll return to 3^4 to catch some luck and break 300-twists barrier, but there already was a bit of luck in my 315-twist solve. So good results for 3^4 are far away from me )))

(and the question for authors) I wonder if there are any plans for implementation of "more-4D than cube" puzzles, like 16-cell and 24-cell. As far as I see, their only difference is that they have not 4-color corners, but 8- and 6-color respetively. Is it a problem for MC4D and/or for M120Cell?

Good luck!

— In, "matthewsheerin" <damienturtle@…> wrote:
> Ouch! Guess that’s my record thoroughly demolished. Congratulations for such an amazing solve! You certainly deserve to hold that record for a good long while, and I don’t see anyone breaking it any time soon. I will be trying to claim my record back one day, but I’m not sure I can manage it now! Congrats again Andrey,
> Matt
> P.S. Slightly off topic, I’ve been a little too busy recently to polish of my 3^4 solve, but I have some free time today. Let’s just hope Andrey here doesn’t try and take the record off me though, or there is probably little point in me trying!