Message #892

From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Re: Re: [MC4D] Sub-1000 for 4^4
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 21:18:01 +0200

Congratulations for Audrey! Again! I’ve just noticed that yesterday he has officialy beaten my result by… three twists :P but now there is no more ilusion in getting soon my record back. In one month from now I will have more than week of free time: be sure I will not give up so easy :) For sure Mathew, Roice and Klause will also fight for their results :) Ah, it’s so good to have motivation :)I wonder what will happened now in 2^4 cathegory? :P (all results in 2^4 were done in old version of the program, with different steering. Audrey are you going to use new version?).All the best,R"Melinda Green" <> pisze: 

Very impressive, Andrey! It was just a few days ago that I mentioned to
you that I’d love to see a sub-1000 twist 4^4 solution and today you
give us one. This is certainly a landmark achievement. It feels to me
that we are now seeing something like the true difficulty of n^4
solutions using certain methods. Of course you are using a rather new
approach which I’m sure everyone on this list will be interested to hear
about. I bet that several members will quickly figure out which puzzles
it can be applied to and maybe we’ll see a few more broken records
before too long. Thank you for developing new methods and
congratulations on your landmark record.
Andrey wrote:
> 978 twists… Log is here:
> I’ll try to describe the method later.

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