Message #921

From: matthewsheerin <>
Subject: A new MC4D challenge!
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 19:30:31 -0000

Hello everyone. This is not the new MC7D that Andrey is bringing to life (especially since after several hours of war against my computer I still can’t run it), but a challenge involving the standard software here. I came up with the idea a few days ago, and had a go today.

So what is the idea? Here’s a walkthrough - it’s a more fun way to explain it :) :

  1. Open MC4D.
  2. Select a puzzle, ideally a hypercube, and the smaller the better. I used the 2x2x2x2 and I think it is ideal, but feel free to experiment.
  3. Scramble the puzzle.
  4. Look at the pretty colours. Admire the pretty colours for a while. Admire some more.
  5. Edit the face colours. Make all faces the same colour (black is fitting, I chose a dark grey). To make the changes take effect, you may have to save the scramble then load it.
  6. Perform lots of twists. Aim for the solved state.
  7. When happy that step 6 is complete, change face colours back to normal.
  8. Look to see if the puzzle is solved.
  9. If not solved, repeat from step 2, otherwise …

Congratulations! You have just blindsolved a 4D puzzle. You are also insane.

I was close, I was left with 2 pieces flipped in place (I can upload a screenshot of my result if wanted). I will try again soon. Good luck to anyone who wants to give this a try!!


PS. While I remember, does anyone have any preferences for colour scheme when solving? I know I’m not keen on the default and have been tinkering for a while, and I think I’m finally happy with my current choice:
255,0,255 255,100,0 255,220,0 0,0,255 0,255,0 255,255,255 230,0,0 112,41,99