Message #953

From: Andras <>
Subject: my personal best
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2010 13:45:56 -0000

Hello all!

(I have the worst english ever, forgive me that:-)

So I was really surprised few weeks ago, when I saw my name in the Hall of Shortest with my 490 twist solution. I really appreciate this, and I want to say "Thank You" in a decent way. After more than 5 years, I just had to try it again, and this led to my new personal best: 345 twists! I uploaded my log file just now.
"Rest of the mankind > 500" - sounds truly amazing! So I came up with the idea that I can do better if I can improve my general startegy using the layer by layer method. My goal was keeping the average number of twists required to solve one piece under 3,5 before starting the last layer. I actually succeed in this.
Well, I got 345 twists in the end, and I dont think I could do any better in a while… Maybe if I had more time to spend to invent new 3 and 4 colour sequences, but I’m happy now with the progress on the first 46 pieces (it took only 163 twists).
(Note that I’m not a mathematician, I’m a 27 yrs old jurist and working in the hungarian revenue office. So I cant really explain my method in mathematical terms, don’t even try to ask me to do that:)

All i can say: "Have a nice twist!"


(P.S.: Damn, I still can’t belive Matthew Sheerin’s 251 twists…)