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From: matthewsheerin <>
Subject: Re: 3^4 solved by a 12 year, 7 month, 16 day and 22 hours old! :3
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 22:53:57 -0000

Congrats! It’s a pretty good achievement for someone so young, it would be nice to have it mentioned in the HOF somewhere. Also interesting to hear that you speedsolve, I’m a decent speedsolver myself so I might have a chat with you about that outside the group (so it doesn’t distract from the forum a little). I think Remi here is also interested, but I haven’t heard much from him about it. I’ve not really tried speedsolving in 4D though, and I’m surprisingly slow with 5D solves and progress with 3^7 is slow too. Maybe I just get distracted too easily! Perhaps when you’re more experienced with these puzzles you can see what your speed is like, it would be interesting to know. I plan to try it one day, not sure when though.
Also, I’m sure I can knock together a quick solution to your 4^4 problem fairly easily if you haven’t solved it already yourself, but I recommend you make the breakthrough yourself, it feels better at the end :). Also, I wouldn’t class it as parity, though parity can occur later, exactly how depends on your solution (my solution avoided most or all of the parity, not sure how much of that was luck though lol).

Good luck!


— In, "deustfrr" <deustfrr@…> wrote:
> I just had to say that on the top.
> Yay! I solved my first 4-D puzzle!
> (I hope I can go on the hall of fame even though I used Roice’s solution)
> Thank you Don Hatch, Melinda Green, Jay Berkenbilt and Roice Nelson for making this application exist, and in excellent quality!
> Thank you Roice Nelson for sharing your solution XD
> AND Thank you to EVERYBODY on the forum for helping or replying or just being a nice person
> Couldn’t have done it without any of you!