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From: JohnG <>
Subject: Re: Goodbye everyone
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 02:37:35 -0000

I think I speak for the silent majority of the group when I say… what?

— In, "djs314djs314" <djs314djs314@…> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I’m writing to let everyone in this wonderful group know
> that I will be unsubscribing after I post this message.
> You have all been very good friends, the best, and have
> always been supportive of me and my work. I thank you for
> all of this. I feel that I no longer have anything worthy
> to contribute, and need to focus on other things in my
> life right now.
> Melinda, Roice, Don, and Jay, I am very sorry that I never
> kept my promise to further assist with MC4D. I also want
> to congratulate Andrey for his incredible contribution with
> MC7D, it is truly amazing.
> David, this apology is coming many years later than it
> should have, but I want you to know that am and have always
> been in deep regret and shame for the manner in which I
> treated you in our last conversation. I am very sorry,
> and you should feel no reason to forgive me after all
> these years.
> My contributions to this group were minor, and never
> completely proven as accurate. My work is collected on
> this page, if anyone ever wants to refer to it:
> If I ever return to doing research or writing papers on
> Rubik-like puzzles, it will be added to this page, but this
> is doubtful. As I said, I am no longer involved with
> anything related to this group, so I am choosing to leave,
> and move on to other things. I apologize if this is
> upsetting news (most likely not), but I clearly don’t
> belong here anymore (and perhaps never did). Everyone
> here has been very supportive and kind, and I can’t thank
> you enough. I won’t forget the positive experiences
> that I had here, and will in fact cherish them.
> Thanks again everyone so very much. I wish you all
> the best, and I am sure that you will all continue to
> make fascinating discoveries and work together to explore
> puzzles never before imagined. You are truly a great
> group of people, highly intelligent, and it was an honor
> to know each one of you. I wish you nothing but the best
> with your passion to investigate, create, and solve
> some of the world’s most fascinating puzzles.
> All the best,
> David