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From: deustfrr <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] 2-c parity(?) problem with 4^4
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 23:48:17 -0000

I updated the pictures. The red line is the wrong piece and the green line are the right pieces. And, can you make a log file showing the XY moves?

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> > I have a problem with the last 2 faces
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> > reply please
> > (I got parental controls on time so I just type that, lolz)
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> deustfrr,
> Your images are quite hard (for me) to see the exact problem in context.
> However, for your "1-c piece situation" image, you have what appears to
> be a blue and an orange 1-c central piece swapped. If you were solving
> purely intuitively then you may have a bit of trouble solving this but
> if you have a 3-cycle for the 1-c pieces then just swap two
> indistinguishable pieces such as two blue in the 3-cycle along with the
> orange.
> For your "2-c piece parity 1b" and "2-c piece parity 1a" images, this
> isn’t really a parity but they must be solved together.
> I recently discussed a semi-generic technique for doing this on almost
> any puzzle here:
> The general idea is to 3-cycle your two flipped pieces along with some
> other (choice is arbitrary) piece such that one of the flipped pieces
> moves into the place of the other flipped piece (call this sequence X).
> Then flip the whole group over and put it back in place (call this Y),
> then undo X, then undo Y. This technique will work in any number of
> dimensions.
> Good luck,
> Brandon
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