Message #1073

From: Klaus Weidinger <>
Subject: 3^4 in 237 twists
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 08:41:58 -0700

Hi everyone,

the last two days I finally found enough time to finish my third solve of the
3^4. This time I broke Matthew’s record and managed to get down to 237 twists.
However, I have to admit, that I would not have been able to do so without some
help from CubeExplorer. The programme solved two 3^3s for me (17 and 18 twists).
By the way: "my" parity occured again and this time I managed to solve it
without help (but only because I knew, that it was able within 5 twists).

Next weekend I will try to finish this solve again, but this time, without a
computer. I hope that I will stay below 300 twists, but I don’t think I can get
anywhere close to Matthew with this method without usage of a computer.
Therefore I have to congratulate Matthew again on his astonishing solve.

It would be really nice if you (Melinda) could add a new category to the hall of
fame which says "Shortest solution with computer aid", because I really don’t
want to "rob" Matthew’s record in this manner. I think this category might get
really necessary in the future, because in 4D I expect god’s number to lie out
of human range unlike in 3D. Therefore there should be two records. One for
humans and one for computers.

I have already sent the logfile to Melinda and will put it in my MC4D-wiki
profile in the next few days.

Happy Hypercubing,