Message #1113

From: Matthew <>
Subject: Re: not understand something simple
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 20:54:23 -0000

Documentation can be found here: The screen goes red if you made an invalid click for defining a twist, and clicking the background resets this. Any more questions just ask, I’m sure someone can clear things up. It will maybe take a while to get used to, but it’s a pretty good interface when you do.


— In, "Deadhead_DMT" <Deadhead_DMT@…> wrote:
> MC7D…. I don’t understand how to work this and it doesn’t seem to have any documentation…. why does the screen turn red when I click a cube…. why does it sometimes turn the screen black…???
> I know this all seems silly and trite… but I seem to have missed something along the way… please advise… thanks in advance…