Message #1115

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] mc5d solved
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 10:43:28 -0500

Awesome, congrats on your solve, and on beating the old shortest by such a
wide margin! I’ve updated the Hall of Insanity with your achievement.

There hasn’t been a Hall of Shortest for MC5D yet, though there are enough
solutions at this point that it could certainly be worthwhile to have one.
I would prefer this to be managed collectively in a new page in the
superliminal wiki, which I would link to, and so I’m wondering if you or
someone else might be interested to take a stab at making this page? It’s
not a huge deal either way. If I manage it myself, I might simply highlight
the current shortest solutions in the existing tables, using a different
color or something…

Take Care,

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 6:21 AM, Andras <> wrote:

> greetings from Hungary!
> Yesterday evening I’ve finally finished solving the monster (file sent to
> Roice).
> The log file shows 3916 moves, which means 3712 twists if we subtract the
> first 100 twists (scrumbled position) and the 104 rotating moves I did.
> I’ve been using the good old layer by layer method. The first 2 layer
> required ca. 2000 twists. Then I "translated" my mc4d macros for the mc5d,
> and invented two 5c-macros (26 twist for switching three 5c piece, and 20
> twist for rotating two 5c piece in their place) for the last layer.
> I think it’s possible to break the 3000 twist limit with this method, since
> my macros usually switch three pieces, so one can solve two pieces
> simultaneously with them, but I made it easier for myself for the first try,
> and I solved only one piece at the same time.
> (But there’s no way I’ll try this again in the near future).
> (Btw, do we have a "hall of shortest" list for mc5d…? Roice held the
> record with 6112 moves till now.)
> best regards and have a nice twist!
> Ecseki András
> PS.: "MC5D, MC5D, burning bright
> In the forests of the night,
> What immortal hand or eye
> Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
> (sry William, couldn’t resist;-)