Message #1127

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: mc5d solved
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 12:53:35 -0700

Well done indeed!

I agree that we need a "shortests" section in the 5D HOF. I’ll be happy
if people want to extend the Superliminal wiki records to include 5D and
higher dimensional categories though I certainly understand the value of
listing all solvers of the canonical puzzles directly on the main puzzle
pages. In other words I support whatever Roice chooses to do with his
site as well as whatever the community would like to do with the wiki.

I would urge Roice to add Andrey’s solution to the MC5D HOF even though
he used a different program, especially because he says the log files
are compatible, but I’d still suggest the same thing even if they were
not. Notice that I gave Andrey credit for the choicest record of all
(the first 4D solution ever) which he produced using his own
implementation shortly before we independently developed the first
version of MC4D.

I can also imagine holding a 5D speedsolving contest in the near future.
I’ll extend my offer to run a speedsolving competition to include any
puzzle that 3 or more people are willing to enter. Just like
speedsolving contests in which the participants get to use their
customized puzzles, I feel that hyperspeedsolving participants should be
able to use any approved software and feature sets that they prefer.
This creates a bit of a secondary contest in which the software makers
are encouraged to produce the interfaces that will be preferred by the
most participants.

Happy puzzling!

On 9/2/2010 9:49 AM, Matthew wrote:
> Well done to both of you! I didn’t think we would see fewest moves solving in 5D, but I can see it being added to the HOF now, and I might have to try this myself. Not soon though, I’ve been distracted with other cube things, and I intend to finish my 7D solve first when I’m finished with my current project (which is relevant to 4D and I will post when I’m finished).
> Good luck to anyone else giving this a try :) (Remi? Roice?)